Friday, July 1, 2016

Step 5. Create a Twitter widget for your account.

Step 4 Step 5. Create a Twitter widget Step 6

STEP FIVE. Now you are ready to make your Twitter widget! To see a Twitter widget in action, take a look at the bottom of this post where I have pasted in the Twitter widget for my class Twitter account.

Here's how to make the widget at Twitter:

1. Find Settings. Go to Twitter, log in, and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner to access your settings.

2. Find Widgets. From the left-hand navigation, choose Widgets (it's near the bottom).

3. Create Widget. Click Create New and choose the Profile option.

4. Insert Address. Paste in the address for your Twitter account; the screenshot here shows the address for my OnlineMythIndia account. You can make a widget for any Twitter account; it does not just have to be your account! For this workshop, though, create the widget that goes with your account:

5. Choose Timeline. Choose the Embedded Timeline option.

6. Customize. The click the customization options link.

7. Choose Options. I would recommend setting the height to 800 (pixels) and also opting out of "Twitter tailoring" (check the box to opt out). Then click Update.

8. Widget Code. Now you will see the code you need displayed in a box so that so you can copy-and-paste it. Keep this tab open, and that way you can copy the code and paste it into your Canvas File. That's the next step of the process!

Note: If you want to just use the widget in a blog post or sidebar, you are good to go; you can copy-and-paste the code you see here directly into the sidebar of your blog or anywhere that javascript is allowed! For example, I can copy-and-paste that code from Twitter right here into my blog post (Blogger is very javascript-friendly!), and it will work. :-)

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