Thursday, February 9, 2017

Twitter Widget Ready-to-Use: @OklaEd

There is a long-running Twitter chat for Oklahoma educators which uses the #OklaEd hashtag, and there is also an @OklaEd Twitter account. I've made a widget for the @OklaEd account, but I've done something different this time. In addition to the usual ready-to-use widget in the form of an iframe snippet, I've also prepared an entire Canvas page which can be shared (copied, modified) by copying the HTML code.

Here's how that works:

Iframe Snippet. There is a snippet of a ready-to-use iframe which allows you to place the @OklaEd widget anywhere in a Canvas page. This is great if you want to integrate it into an assignment page in a module, or if you want to include it in your course syllabus. You can create your own table to organize your Canvas page layout and insert the iframe wherever you want with any kind of additional content. Here's where you can grab the iframe snippet and see the widget in action: @OklaEd Twitter Widget in Canvas.

Canvas Page. I've also created a complete Canvas page with additional links and background about the OklaEd Chat, hoping that would be something useful to any instructor who wants to have a page ready-to-go that they can use in Canvas or in any other HTML environment. Here is what the Canvas page looks like: Oklahoma Educator Twitter Chat: #OklaEd.

You can copy this via the HTML and use it as is or modify it in any way you want! You can also copy the HTML content into any web environment that accepts iframes. Here's how to copy and modify the page step by step: Copying an HTML Page.

I've also written up instructions for any faculty or staff who want to create a Canvas Page ready to share: Creating the HTML Page.

Keep on chatting, everybody!

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