Saturday, February 11, 2017

Copying an HTML Page

Below you will find instructions for how to copy an "HTML Page" containing a Twitter Widget, adding it to your own Canvas course, and then editing the Page if you want.

1. Add Page. In your Canvas course space, click on Pages in the left menu, then click View All Pages. Now click +Page (upper right) to add a new Page.

2. Type Page Title. Type a title in the Title box. Be careful: this Title is (unfortunately) also part of the webpage address for the Page. That means changing the title later will break any links people have made to this Page. So, choose the title carefully. It can be on the long side; the title is not the menu label that will show up later in the navigation (more about navigation below).

3. Switch to HTML Mode. Now, get ready to copy-and-paste the contents of the Page. You are going to be copying HTML content, so click on the HTML editor option to shift into HTML mode. All the usual editing bar options will disappear, and you will just see a box in which to paste the HTML content.

4. Copy the HTML Content. In a new tab in your browser, go to the HTML view of the Page you want to copy. To see what that looks like, here is the #OklaEd Chat HTML view. Carefully highlight and then copy the HTML contents indicated.

5. Paste in the HTML Content. Now, go back to the Page you are editing in the other tab. Paste in the HTML content. Then, click Rich Content Editor to see the results. The widget itself will look like a big grey box, which is fine! Do you want to edit the rest of the content on the Page? You can do that, so if you want to add additional information, edit the information that is there, etc., you can do that.

6. Save and Publish. When you are done, click Save and Publish. How does it look? If you have any additional changes you'd like to make, you can continue to edit the Page at any time.

7. Add to Navigation Menu. Do you want to add the Page to your course navigation? You can do that. Keep this Page open in a browser tab and in a new tab open your Canvas course and go to Settings, and then click on Apps.

8.  Add Redirect Tool. In the search box type Redirect. When the Redirect app appears, click on the app to select it, and then click Add App.

9. Configure Redirect Tool. In the dialog box that then appears, enter the navigation menu text; this is what will appear in the menu bar, so keep it short! Then enter the Page address. Next, uncheck uncheck "Force Open" and then check "Show in Course Navigation" box. When you are done, click Save.

10. Position New Menu Item. It sometimes takes a few minutes for the new Redirect App to be fully installed, so be patient. Then, reload the Settings - Navigation page, and you will now see the menu item that you added. You can then drag-and-drop or use the Move option to position your new menu item wherever you want in the navigation. (This is also how you disable any menu items you are not using). Click Save when done, and you should see your new Page listed in the sidebar navigation for your course!

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