Sunday, February 19, 2017

Twitter Widget Ready-to-Use: Paying the Price

I feel really (REALLY) badly that I did not think of doing this sooner, but I am documenting the process now so that when the next really exciting event happens, I can be ready. Read on below for the two Twitter4Canvas widgets I created in connection with Sara Goldrick-Rab's visit to my campus, and start thinking about what Twitter-enhanced event publicity you might want to do. Contact me for help if you want to give it a try!

There are actually two very relevant Twitter feeds here: Sara Goldrick-Rab's own Twitter feed and also a hashtag for #PayingThePrice. I created Twitter widgets for both of them:

Click here for Sara Goldrick-Rab Twitter in Canvas.

Click here for #PayingThePrice Twitter in Canvas.

Because I am hosting the Twitter widget code snippets in my own webspace (thank you, OU Create and Reclaim Hosting!), that means anybody can take the widgets and use them: you don't have to use Twitter, you don't have to know how to create your own Twitter widgets in Canvas (although it's not hard; I promise: here's how). Because I have already created the widgets and am hosting them in my own space, you just have to copy-and-paste the iframe snippet into your own Canvas Page OR Discussion Board (it works there too!), and the Twitter will magically appear. I've also got some notes up about using Canvas Page tables to maximize use of available screen space.

You'll also see that I uploaded the poster image that's been circulating at Twitter and made that available with a handy https address on the Sara Goldrick-Rab Canvas Page, so it's super-easy to paste in by URL to any Canvas web space (the power of https means the image will be accepted anywhere/everywhere without setting off digital security alarms):

And, of course, anybody at ANY Canvas school can use the Twitter Widget code snippets; these widgets are not tied in any way to the system. The poster image, of course, is specific to our school, but the actual Twitter widget iframe snippets are good to go for anyone to use anywhere if they want to publicize Sara Goldrick-Rab's Twitter stream and/or #PayingThePrice inside a Canvas course space.

So, my bad for not figuring this out weeks ago. But I'm still just learning about all the cool ways we can use Canvas as a dynamic space for sharing... and since all our courses are going into Canvas next year, I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

Meanwhile, I've also pasted in the Twitter widget for Sara Goldrick-Rab's timeline below. And if you make your own Canvas Twitter widgets — this Twitter4Canvas Self-Guided Workshop explains how to do that — you can also choose to share them in this way! If you have a Canvas4Twitter example to share, let me know, and I'll spread the word.

Let's all read this important book, people! And talk about it at Twitter and the real places too. :-)

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