Monday, February 6, 2017

Twitter Widget Ready-to-Use: OU's Museums

Today's new widget combines OU's two museums into a single feed. Both museums have a really strong Twitter presence; I reshare a lot of their content with my classes: @FJJMA and @SamNobleMuseum. Plus, this is a nice example of a list, showing that a list does not have to contain a lot of items. This list has just two members, but it makes for a great widget.

So, what I have done is to create the Twitter widget, and then I published it in my https webspace (thank you, Reclaim Hosting!), and then I created a Canvas page to display the Twitter widget. The whole process takes about 5 minutes, and you can see the widget in action at the Canvas page: OU Museums.

Even better: now you can just copy-and-paste the iframe snippet which you see there if you want to create your own Canvas page with the museums' live stream.

You don't need a Twitter account, you don't need your own webspace: just copy-and-paste into your own Canvas webpage, and you will have art and natural history in your Canvas space!

I've also pasted in the Twitter widget below. And if you make your own Canvas Twitter widgets — this Twitter4Canvas Self-Guided Workshop explains how to do that — you can also choose to share them in this way! If you have a Canvas4Twitter example to share, let me know, and I'll spread the word.

So, when you have a free afternoon, go visit a museum! :-)

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