Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Twitter Widget Ready-to-Use: @OUDaily

As my first Ready-to-Use Canvas Twitter widget with a University of Oklahoma focus, I picked the OU Daily of course. I am so grateful to the continuous stream of news and important information that the Daily shares via Twitter. Kudos also to editor Dana Branham for her great use of Twitter too.

So, what I did was to follow the standard Twitter to Canvas procedure (it just takes 5 minutes once you learn how): I created a Twitter widget for the @OUDaily timeline, published that as an https HTML webpage, and then used iframe to display that timeline inside Canvas. Now that I've made the widget, all you have to do is copy-and-paste the iframe code.

So here's a link to an OU Daily Canvas page, and here's a screenshot; you can grab the iframe code you need there to use in your own Canvas space.

And now, OU faculty, you can just copy-and-paste and make the OU Daily part of your Canvas course space! And maybe that will inspire you to create some course-specific Twitter widgets of your own, bringing your Canvas space to life with the power of Twitter. :-)

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