Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Step 9. Twitter hashtags and lists.

Step 8 Step 9. Twitter hashtags and lists Step 10

STEP TEN. Now it's time to take a few minutes to learn about two of the most powerful features at Twitter: hashtags and lists.

Twitter Hashtags

If you are not familiar with Twitter hashtags, check out the Hashtags help page at the Twitter Help Center.

Class Hashtags. Creating a unique hashtag for your classes can be very useful, especially if you want students to contribute content via the hashtag. In addition to the Twitter account for my classes, I also have class specific hashtags: #OU3043 for Myth-Folklore and #OU4993 for Indian Epics.

Hashtag URLs. You can bookmark a hashtag URL so that you can check it regularly. For example, I regularly check the #growthmindset hashtag. Just put the hashtag into the search box:

By default, it will show you the "top" tweets, but I usually prefer to check the "latest" tweets, so I change the default display. Just save the URL and you can click and see the hashtag results any time: Growth Mindset - Latest Tweets.

You can save the latest tweets for any search result; it does not have to be a hashtag search. The same technique works for any Twitter search you want to perform, and there are lots of Advanced Search options.

Chats. If you are interested in participating in Twitter chats, the hashtag is what makes the chat work. There's a great Oklahoma Educators chat, for example; you can find out more about #OklaEd here at their Twitter account: @OklaEd. (Not all hashtags have an associated Twitter account, but many of them do, especially the hashtags that are used for recurring chats.)

Twitter Lists

If you are not familiar with Twitter lists, check out the Lists help page at the Twitter Help Center. I do basically all my reading using lists, some public, some private! For more about how I use lists, see my Top 5 Twitter Content Strategies... and lists are right there at #1. If you have not got a lot of time, lists are the key to making super-effective use of Twitter.

Class List. If your students will be creating their own Twitter accounts to use in class, creating a Class List with the students' individual accounts is a great way to pull all their tweets into a single stream.

The Beginning of the End...

As you get ready to wind up for the end of this workshop, create one more Twitter widget: either a hashtag widget or a list widget... or maybe you'll want do to one of each! Spend some time exploring the possibilities of hashtags and lists to see what might be most useful for you, both in terms of how you use Twitter and also so that you can make one more Twitter widget in the final step of this workshop!

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