Saturday, October 1, 2016

Step 2. Tweak your Canvas course space.

Step 1 Step 2. Tweak your Canvas course space Step 3

STEP TWO. In the previous step, you created a new Canvas course space, and now you will tweak that space in the Settings area.

Here are some suggestions I hope will be useful:

1. Details: Image Card. You can add an image card to any Canvas course: adding an image card. You can even grab the image from Flickr using a built-in Flickr image search:

2. Details: Availability. Make your course available starting today with no end date. In the Start box, enter today's date, and leave the End box blank.

3. Navigation: Home + Pages + Files. Disable all the items you are not using. For the purposes of this workshop, the only items you need to have in the navigation are Home and Pages and Files. You can disable everything else. Yes, I know, it's very tedious to disable all the menu items, so don't forget to press Save at the bottom. You don't want to have to go through that tedious process more than once!

4. Pages: Add. To use the Pages area, you'll want to create a Front Page (and you can also use that Front Page as the homepage of your course), So, to create that Front Page, click on Pages in the left-hand navigation, and click "Add one" to add your first page.

5.  Save and Publish. Type something simple into the title box and the body box, and then Save-and-Publish.

6. Set as Front Page. Next, click on View All Pages (this gives you access to all the pages for that course space), and then Set as Front Page.

7. Publish. Now click on Home, and then click Choose Homepage. Then choose Pages: Front Page (the page you just created) as your course homepage. When you have done that, click Publish. You now have a course space that is ready to use.

Check your Dashboard: you should now see your new course space there, with the course card image that you chose above. Here's my Dashboard: you can see how the course image cards make it easy to identify each course at a glance.

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